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Chalet Nicole 15th Feb

A full chalet and a lot going on, this bunch didn't have time to sit down. If they weren't skiing or boarding they were sledding, singing or playing table football - it was morbidly insane!

They emerged the victorious chalet after taking part in all three events and winning a couple of them. They really SHOULD have won the sledding but they concentration wavered as realised that they had a better view of the girls from Chalet Anne if they followed them down!!

On Wednesday the group went EXTREME snow shoeing. It was crazy and we were very pleased to see everyone make it back to the chalet safely. Many thanks to guide Bruno.

Great skiing all week by everyone!!!! - and I'm not even joking!

Archie : No fear on skis or a sledge, he was coming down black runs after only a few days on skis, AMAZING!

Rob : What can you say….. he did a fantastic job at leading the "Bristol Boyz" down the biggest black " Crystal Dark".

Ed : Swapped his skis for his board and there was no stopping him. And he still had the energy to be the social party leader.

Lewis : What a pro on skis, what DVD will we see him on next??

Matt : A very tidy skier and one of the leaders of the boys group. A budding magician perhaps.

Bea : She may have only skied for a few weeks but this young lady isn't afraid of speed or jumps, watch her go.

Bertina : A fast and fearless skier you could never get the smile off of her face.

Yoanne : She may have not been on the slope before but this young lady looked amazingly comfortable on all the blues and reds.

John : Loved the jumps, loved the 360s and loved the speed and it was only his first week on skis!!

Richard M : He put that extra turn in on Crystal dark and ended up a different way up, but it made him a film star.

Richard K : A neat and faultless skier both on and off piste, shows us all just how it should be done.

Karl : Enjoyed his off piste trip to La Monal with ALL of his ski class (did he tell you?)… and now he has a new career aspiration.

Jeremy : A wicked sense of humour and a great skier, he was superb on all the reds and blacks.

Bonny : What a fabulous tidy skier with great control, Bonny also mastered the racing tuck position with great pose.

Eva : Great progression through the week, she started on greens and finished on carving up the reds, there is no stopping her now.

Guest comments

"Thanks again for the best week of my life" - Beatrice

"… even better than 5 star meals" - Eva

"Quite how we keep finding new areas to ski we don't know. But that is the wonder of Sainte Foy. Perfection" - Jeremy

"You and your whole team always go that extra mile" - Richard

"I want to stay" - Ed

"Tom's food was morbidly lush" - Lewis

"Everything was fun!" - Rob

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